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Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, T.J. Anthony is a voiceover performer for animation, video games, commercials, web series, and much more! Ever since he was little, he was drawn heavily to the concept of people using voices to make bright and colorful characters come to life. This would ignite the fire that would lead him to do impersonations and eventually start creating his own unique vocals, whether it be talking over animations skits with friends or using them for game sessions. This would also draw him towards singing and live theatre throughout his school life.


He’s often been told that his voice would fit perfect for both commercial and radio, something he pursues while also tackling character voices, something he specializes heavily. Once the means were available, he took classes to help him branch out and learn more tricks of the trade. A few classes at his local community college helped to solidify his mindset.


T.J. has managed to land a few roles and hopes to spread much further! With his plethora of unique voices, he’s already making a mark in several web series, always looking for more projects to audition for to lend his amazing talents for. Whether with cartoonish elders, intimidating villains, horrific monsters, or many other voice selections, T.J. is ready to go to bring more projects to life with his bombastic baritone performance.


“What we have here is a man who I feel is the very definition of versatile and dedicated. Take notes everyone cause this guy has a box of characters he’s ready to give you! Look no further than TJ!”

- Patrick Mealey

“Enthusiasm at its finest, look no further than TJ to bring forth a level of unmatched passion and professionalism! He continues to amaze us all with his impressive array of skills, as well as his drive as a budding voice talent. With TJ, you can never go wrong!”

- Maddie Matsumoto

“I listen to a lot of fellow voice actors. I try my best temper my expectations so I can be surprised. Sometime ago, I was wondering if a guy's voice skills could be both pleasant and carry power. Holy heck, I've seen the light after hearing this guy. Awesome stuff here.”

- Adriel Varlack

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